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Entity Hosting's dedicated servers are usually pre-configured in order to expedite the setup process. Dedicated server setup times are denoted on our order page, with a range of 'instant' to 24 hours. 

Pre-configured servers that are available on our instant deployment system are labeled with an 'instant' setup time. This usually means that upon the confirm payment capture of your order, your dedicated server will begin its auto-deployment and install the operating system that you've selected during the checkout process. You will receive an email upon the completion of the setup. Please note that payment captures may take up to 24 hours to confirm, depending on your payment method.

Both pre-configured servers and custom built-to-order servers that are not available on our instant deployment system are subject to a 24-hour setup time. Upon the payment capture for your order, we will begin the setup process, which can take anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours. Please note that due to the availability of some parts, your setup time may vary. Provisioning tickets will be opened to allow you to know the status of your server setup at all times.

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